Method ksoap2 in android upload

I’m using a .net web service for upload an image when a person select one pic in a gallery or take pictures in the smartphone. To implement this I’m using ksoap2. I don’t have error in debug Android / Eclipse but if select one pic on a smartphone gallery this is uploaded correctly on the […]

C# webservices extra field

I’m working on a webservices to get orders from a database. In the SQL server database I’ve added an extra bit field TimeTrackingCompleted. I have modified the dataconnection to a local database (it’s the same database as before, only stored it local). The new field appears in the data connections view. But when I try […]

Service now rest API, get Incidents for Project

I have a Java application. I want to get incidents, requirements, and all details from Service Now using its REST API. From the demo service now, I am trying to get the JSON. If I give a URL like following for a project with Project name, I am getting the Project details only. Based […]

Is it possible to export attachments from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to a local file system and record relevant metadata?

Is it possible? Does MS Dynamics 4.0 have exposed web service APIs that can potentially do what is being requested? Is the db schemanstraightforward enough to identify tables and rows that contains data to export the documents and relevant metadata? Is it accurate that attachments are stored in the “Annotation” entity of CRM?   Asked […]

I cant get my ubuntu server seen outside of my lan, although port forwarded to 80

I have installed Ubuntu Server 14.10.1 on VirtualBox. With LAMP all configured. The box have static ip, I can successfully access Apache’s index page from my home’s local network. Setup port forwarding on my router to port 80 of this server. However, it gives me timeout error when I browse using my public ip […]

Call soap webservice prepare Xml in android

I want to call soap webservice with prepare xml in code.I search but all webservice are calling “add property” key word for parameters. I am looking send all xml block for getting response. Can anybody help me please? My soap xml; <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=”” xmlns:ns1=””> <SOAP-ENV:Body> <ns1:GetSessionTicketTypes> <ns1:strUserName>thello</ns1:strUserName> <ns1:strPassword>t123</ns1:strPassword> <ns1:Cinema_strID>0000049</ns1:Cinema_strID> <ns1:Session_strID>2374</ns1:Session_strID> </ns1:GetSessionTicketTypes> </SOAP-ENV:Body> […]

Grails Quartz Plugin error when running in stand-alone tomcat instance

I am working on a grails project that leverages the quartz plugin. The plugin works as expected without issue running the project locally in development mode. However, I am getting the following error when running the project in a stand-alone instance of tomcat. Error initializing Grails: Error creating bean with name ‘pluginManager’ defined in ServletContext […]

Mocking an asynchronous web service in Angular unit tests

I’m building an Angular app, and I’m writing unit tests for it. Yay unit tests. I want to mock a particular web service that I’m using (, which has both a REST API as well as a Javascript API. In my code I use the Javascript API in calls like, { options: ‘go’, right: […]

Brightcove player using

I am using Brightcove video cloud.Now I have doubt may I use our own player for video playing without using their player?Beacuse I have some custom styles other than their style.   Asked By – vineeth        Read Answers     0   

Drop down menu parent gets hidden by bootstrap in joomla

I using joomla 3.3.3 and boostrap 3.2.0 I have edited joomla menu module source to incorporate bootstrap classes to create drop down menus. Browser renders drop down list as: <ul class=”nav navbar-nav”> ::before <li class=”dropdown hovernav”> <a class=”dropdown-toggle” data-toggle=”dropdown” data-target=”#” href=”#”>Sample Sites</a> <ul class=”dropdown-menu nav-child unstyled small” role=”menu” aria-labelledby=”dLabel”> <li class=”dropdown hovernav”> <a data-toggle=”dropdown” href=”/joomla_3_3_3/index.php/sample-sites-2/getting-started”>Getting […]

Display only Web Method Names of a Web Service in your Application in C# or

I have a web service in -add -subtract -multiply Now i have application, in which i can give the URL of any web service, and on click of a button i should get the all the web methods names that are present in this provided webservice. Could someone help me out with this… Thank […]

Modified Joomla Template now no main area links work in Chrome, but work fine in IE?

After being out of the web development game for over a decade, I’m back and now rebuilding a school’s site based on a Joomla template. Now on Chrome even a basic HTML tag won’t bring up a link in the main template. All mailto links disappear (literally anything with an email address disappears from the […]

IIS on Windows 7 throwing 500.19 error for WebService

When run from Visual Studio the service on local machine runs fine. When I try to run it using IIS on same machine I get This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault=”Deny”), or set explicitly by […]

Web application to mobile app Session mapping

I am going to write an Andriod and IOS app for my web application. My Java servlet uses session which contains and userID and a Queue data structure. Now, since session will not exist for Andriod and IOS platforms – but I want to use same APIs/webservices (as web application) for getting data into app, […]

Unable to read HDD content Lubuntu 14.04

I had a pretty old computer laying around (Dell Dimension 1100) and last week, when I heard about ”Plex Media Center” I tought it would be a perfect computer to install the server on it. So I’ve installed multiple HDD in it and installed the latest Lubuntu version. I first had problem mounting all of […]

Trying to send an email through an iphone app and getting an error using MFMailComposeViewController in iOS 8

I imported the MessageUI.h class and implemented the function in MFMailComposeViewControllerDelegate. I was following the tutorial on : I am currently using Xcode 6.0.1 and iOS SDK 8.0 to build and run the app on the simulator. The issue is: On running the app in the simulator, I get the following error 2014-09-26 03:39:07.687 […]

What DNS server is bind using?

I installed Bind9 in 14.04.1 and made no config changes, I did not touch any files in /etc. This means my laptop is a caching DNS server. My questions are: where is bind getting it’s DNS? What servers am I connecting to? I have no forwarders set in the config file. In the past I […]

Need to know email settings to access my emails on my server?

I have a developer working on a database built in php. He has written code which can access a designated email inbox and extract specific emails. He tested this using his own email and worked, but cannot access my server with in my office which is where the emails are hosted. I have provided my […]

Python Email table from MYSQL

I am trying to get the results of a MYSQL query into the body of an email and also as a csv or xls attachment. My code below works and sends the email only problem is if the results from the MYSQL query are more than a row only the first row shows up in […]

Im trying to use PHPMailer to send multiple e-mails (different email to each recipient)

First time posting so any help greatly appreciated… I’m happy the SQL query works and returns two 2 rows I’m happy to leave message as “hello” for now I’ve looked through many answers and none solve my problem This function will send the mail to only the first (of 2) recipient but not the second. […]

Composing a complex message when sendin php mail

I’m trying to create a contact form that sends the mail via php. The trouble is my message arrives with no needed information. This is the php code i’m using: <?php $to = “”; $from = $_POST['email']; $subject = “Mail de la”; $name = $_POST['name'] ; $prenume = $_POST['prenume'] ; $telefon = $_POST['telefon'] ; […]

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class K2HelperHTML in joomla 3.34 version

I’m having problems getting my K2 store to save and see my items and categories in my admin backend. I posted the code hopefully someone can help me. This what I see when I put the the server error reporting to maximum: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class K2HelperHTML in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/instyle/Administrator/components/com_k2/helpers/html.php on line 16 <?php /** […]

Migrating from Joomla to ASP.NET MVC application?

What is the easiest way to migrate files and database from Joomla to new ASP.NET MVC application? Google has indexed articles from Joomla site but what will be when migration process is finished? Is there any way to keep that user clicks on site link (from old Joomla site) in Google search results to lead […]

Joomla: How to detect if a column in our table exists and if not add it to the table

Our Joomla plugin now requires a new column on its table. So, for existing installations (older versions) that will install the new plugin version, we need to detect the absence of this column “linkimageflag” on the database and then ADD it. I tried several code snippets but it always shows this error: “1054 Unknown column […]

after_commit or after_create for a model where a transaction is used?

I need to create a User and send an email upon registration: class User < ActiveRecord::Base after_commit :send_email, on: :create # I believe it’s better than after_create # after_create :send_email, on: :create class << self def create_with_some_params(params) #…. user.transaction do if && some_condition user.category = category raise ActiveRecord::Rollback unless user.category.persisted? end end rescue => […]

Joomla: changing the home-button destination into an external link

I have this question, regarding running multiple Joomla websites on the same server (using subdomains) that are basically running as one total. So instead of just creating new (sub)menu’s within one database, I’m running multiple databases/websites. For example: menu 1 = database/installation 1, menu 2 = database/installation 2, etc. The idea is to create a […]

WooCommerce – Reply-To Email for Customers

I have a client with two different email inboxes, and They have a WordPress 4.0 site with the latest WooCommerce for their online store. All new customer order notifications go to However, sometimes the customer will hit [Reply] to send a message regarding their order, and that goes back to Is […]

MVCMailer not sending email on production

I have following code for creating a MvcMailMessage. public virtual MvcMailMessage Welcome(string subject, string toAddress, ContactModel contactModel) { var mailMessage = new MvcMailMessage { Subject = subject}; //to address will come from database mailMessage.To.Add(toAddress); ViewBag.Name = contactModel.Name; ViewBag.From = contactModel.Email; ViewBag.Comment = contactModel.Comments; PopulateBody(mailMessage, viewName: “Welcome”); return mailMessage; } And I am sending my email […]

Postfix wont send mail to external email addresses listed in virtual_alias_domains

We have our main server at with the catchall address We also have two other domains: and which are hosted at gmail. Gmail is re-routing catchall emails to In /etc/postfix/ virtual_alias_domains =, virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual And in /etc/postfix/virtual These settings are working […]

Email database architecture

I’ve written an email server, and I’m not sure if my database has a good architecture. I use redis Inbox, Archive, Sent lists for every user to store Conversation Ids(or thread ids). Each conversation ID points to a redis list of message ids. Every message id points to a PostgreSQL message table. Whenever a message […]

Saving Attachment from Email Part using PHP

I’ve come across a bit of a problem and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, I’m writing a email parser that parses emails and extracts particular info. It parses plain text emails(the emails are in a set format) using regex, this works fine. If an email has an attachment which […]

Joomla 3 – use article title as Browser Page Title instead of menu item title

I’m using Joomla 3.3.4, and I have all of my pages linked to menu items. I can’t figure out how to get the article title to show in the <title> tag of the page, rather then the Menu item title. For eg. My Menu item title is ‘transmissions’ because it’s a sub-menu item to ‘light […]

Installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS on a MacBook Pro 7.1, unexpected shutdown happens

I’m trying to setup a webserver on an old MacBook Pro to be able to securely, and remotely, manage our home network stuff. The end goal is to be running Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, running an apache2 webserver with webDAV, and pfSense running Snort for attack detection. Overkill, I know, but it’s an exercise I […]

PHP joomla replace youtube url with a div

In Joomla using ContentPrepare I need to check all links within the content and those with with youtube links I want to replace with a div with a class of lazyYT and the ID of the youtube video. My code sort of works and if I just echo code before content it works as expected, […]

Enviroment variables in Ubuntu Tomcat, Apache and Java

I have a java web app running in Windows enviroment and I want to move it to Ubuntu system. In windows I use an enviroment variable to store the main path: MAIN_PATH=C:\test This variable is used in many configuration files and also by application, for example: Apache and Tomcat configuration file Application logging configuration (log4j) […]

Sending an email using batch command on getting an error

I am trying to shoot an email if a command gives an error in a batch file. I am checking for non zero return code and then within an if statement trying to add the command to send the mail. Heres the code- set errorlevel= set OUTPUT_PATH= c:/personal/testWork/ call generate -project “HelloWorld” -output %OUTPUT_PATH% if […]

Emailing both an array from js and information from an html form through php

I am trying to create a form that mails the name and email of the user (Inputted by the user in the form) and an array of chars that is held in the processingjs (.pde) built into the main html file. the processing creates an array named answerArray. the form in the html document is: […]

Need to change part of a URL

We have a Joomla website that is uses anchor links to ID’s within the homepage(one page template). We have a section on the home page (#contacts). I have added some more pages. I have now made this contacts secion on the appear on all pages but the problem is the #contact URL is always […]

SoapHeader Authentication in C# (cleverelements)

I am currently trying to consume a SOAP WebService via C#. The WebServices uses some header authentication I don’t get working in C# There is some sample PHP Code, but since it’s my first SOAP Client I don’t really get the C# equivalent. I hope somebody can tell me how to do the following in […]

Does spring-websockets RestTemplateXhrTransport work?

I am trying to use the spring-websocket RestTemplateXhrTransport for an integration-test, but am unable to get it to work. The server is setup with spring-websocket (4.1-RELEASE) with a by-the-book-configuration: @EnableWebSocketMessageBroker public class WebSocketConfig extends AbstractWebSocketMessageBrokerConfigurer { @Override public void registerStompEndpoints(StompEndpointRegistry registry) { registry.addEndpoint(“/socket”).withSockJS().setClientLibraryUrl(“../common/lib/sockjs.js”); } @Override public void configureMessageBroker(MessageBrokerRegistry registry) { registry.enableSimpleBroker(“/topic/”, “/user/”); registry.setApplicationDestinationPrefixes(“/app”, “/topic”); } […]

Error Code 551 while connecting a FTP server through .NET code

I am using c# code to connect the FTP server. Sometimes whilinf send the files getting the Error Code 551 with Description: Exception caught in sending FTP: The remote server returned an error: (551) Page type unknown. I don’t why this is happening ‘private bool sendFTP(string sDestPath, string sFileName, string sUserName, string sPassword, string sDomain, […]

Raspberry pi temperature project, read on raspberry and display on remote webserver

I’m following this project that basically is a tutorial to create a local webpage and display the room temperature and humidity when you are in the local network and you access to it by going to the ip adress of the pi, there must be an apache/nginx server running. What i want to do is […]

Masking a url with another which points two servers using Apache configuration

If a user access, user should be redirected to but the url in the browser should remain It needs to be done using apache configuration is hosted in different server and is hosted in different server. Note: we have access only to server. In other words should redirect […]

php cant delete files on mounted samba share -permissions

My hair is going gray (or grayer that usual) trying to solve this riddle. running: ubuntu 12.04 LTS I want a PHP script (executed by apache) to delete a directory with all it’s containing files in a cifs mounted directory. But I get “Permission denied”. The file is created by another samba client. I have […]

PHP Form Mailing Problems

I recently transfered an old site onto a new host and the form mailing scripts all pop up with “PHP Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments in … “. I’m not a programmer nor a php guru, most of the codes I have put together with the help of […]

Change PieChart in docx file using apache POI

I have a 3D pie chart in my docx file. I want to change the pie chart data useing POI , the following is my code. I can get the chart xml data, but how can I save it to the docx? OPCPackage docx = XWPFDocument.openPackage(“test2.docx”); XWPFDocument document = new XWPFDocument(docx); List<POIXMLDocumentPart> parts = document.getRelations(); […]

SOAP service and REST Client in one app

I am working on a webservice app that takes SOAP requests on one end with a id, I wrote java beans and generated wsdl. It is working fine independently. Then I made a REST Client using apache HttpClient using the interface CloseableHttpClient. This part works independently as well when I make a rest request with […]

Unable to stop ActiveMQ Producer?

I am unable to stop ActiveMQ Producer. Scenario is: I have set low values for memory usage and temp storage. <systemUsage> <systemUsage> <memoryUsage> <memoryUsage limit=”1 mb” /> </memoryUsage> <storeUsage> <storeUsage limit=”100 gb” /> </storeUsage> <tempUsage> <tempUsage limit=”50 mb” /> </tempUsage> </systemUsage> </systemUsage> Producer flow control is set to false <destinationPolicy> <policyMap> <policyEntries> <policyEntry topic=”>” producerFlowControl=”false”/> […]

Unable to send email from laravel?

I’m trying to send email using Laravel. I configured mail.php with details of gmail server and used my personal gmail account credentials. It worked fine. Then i tried to configure mail.php with the Secure SSl/TLS settings that my mail provider has provided me. I changed host, port, username and password. I also changed encryption to […]

Brightcove Style editting

I am using Brightcove video cloud in my joomla project.I want to display a thumbnail like image with views and time.Brightcove video cloud only providing me like this structure But i want to change the style and we need the following design, Anyone please tell me how to change the play video button in first […]

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